Grade Levels

Grades 3 - 12. Students should practice these lessons every year. Otherwise, without reinforcement, students will habitually fall back from analytical thinking to intuition.


There are two ways to take a test:

• Anyone can take tests on their own.
• Teachers can assign tests for a grade.

All tests are two-choice questions to build foundational skills. After you answer it shows the correct answer and explains why, so it is teaching and measuring at the same time. After 15 questions it shows a score from 0 to 50. It first asks the student’s birth year so it can compare them within their age group. See About for more details about the test.

Student Access

Students do not need to login. Students can do self-study, or teachers can give them assignments through their LMS or by giving them a link.

If siblings or classmates share the same device, they can select their name from a list. Note: There is no password required, so mischievous students could look at each others’ scores if sharing the same device.

Teacher Login

Teachers can assign tests for their students, then you can see their scores, answers, and class averages. You can also load scores into your LMS.

Login using your email and a password.

You do not need to enter students or classes, and students do not need to login. Instead students access this site through your LMS, or you can give students a link.

LMS Integration

LMS integration is recommended so it automatically loads the scores into your gradebook. Otherwise you must manually enter scores.

See LMS Help

Assign the Test

•  Login
•  Click New Assignment.
•  Optionally add a Label to help you distinguish tests for different classes or dates.
•  Click Save.
•  If you accessed this from your LMS, it will put the assignment in your LMS. Otherwise click Copy Link and give it to your students. Each test has a different link.

Each student gets different questions at random. It always explains the correct answer after each question, but of course they cannot change their answer.

Select LMS access only to prevent students from accessing it in ways that do not send scores back to your LMS. Select Allow direct link if you just want to give your students a link without importing scores into your LMS. Each test can be different, so you could assign a practice test without a grade then a formal test for a grade.

Your main dashboard lists all your tests. Click one to view the status and responses of each student, and see class statistics.

Note: It does not know your class roster. It simply lists students who have started the test, using the name they provided. If you want different classes to be listed separately, create a separate test for each class.

Question Bank

There are hundreds of prompts. Please contribute your own examples to this question bank to benefit everyone. It may also ask some students to submit an example during self-practice.

You can also Download the entire question bank as a spreadsheet (CSV) to use in your own curriculum. Login and click “Download” on your dashboard.

Hot-Button Issues

It may show prompts about hot-button issues and politics to students age 14+. When people are emotionally triggered, it is difficult to maintain critical thinking, so these exercises give students practice for real-world arguments.


“Student listed twice for same test”

That happens when the student uses different browsers or deletes cookies. There is no login, so it creates a new student record. Just use the most recent score.

“How do I change/correct a student’s name?”

Names are not editable. Instead, ask the student to select “Someone Else” when prompted to created a new student record with their correct name.

I don’t have a support staff, but I will try to answer your questions:

[email protected]

Privacy Policy

I do not share user data with anyone or other websites. And there are no ads. The only personal information collected is teacher email, student name, and birth year. The only email sent is password-reset links for teachers. It uses a cookie to remember student progress.