LMS Integration
You can assign FactOpy Tests from your Learning Management System (LMS) and automatically receive scores back.

Select LMS access only where prompted to ensure it always sends scores back to your LMS. Or select Allow direct link and click Copy Link to let students do it without your LMS.

LMS Compatibility

Nearly all LMS’s support LTI 1.0, which lets you link FactOpy Tests from your LMS. LMS’s that support LTI 1.1 can also import scores back from factopy.com.

I’ve confirmed this works with Jupiter. But Google Classroom does not support LTI. Please contact me if you encounter errors with other LMS’s.

If your LMS doesn’t support LTI, just use regular links instead. See Help

LMS Setup

In your LMS look for something like External Apps or Learning Tools. Search for "FactOpy"; if it is already there, select it and skip the rest of this setup. Otherwise follow the prompts to add a new tool:

If it asks for an XML cartridge, enter this URL:
Or open that link to Copy and Paste the content if it wants the XML instead of a link.

Or if it asks for just the learning tool URL enter:
This option might not send scores back to your LMS, so use this only if your LMS does not support XML cartridges.

If it asks for a Consumer Key and Shared Secret, leave those blank or type anything like “anon”.

Link a Test

In your LMS create an assignment and look for the "FactOpy Test" tool. That opens your factopy.com account to select a test or create a new one.

Then your students will see a "FactOpy Test" link/button in your LMS for that assignment. The link opens factopy.com and asks them to enter or select their name, then is starts the test. If students don’t finish, they can use the LMS link again, or within factopy.com they can click Start Test and it lists any unfinished tests (unless they delete their cookies).

FactOpy.com automatically pushes scores to your LMS when students complete the quiz/practice. If you want to capture scores for incomplete assignments, login at factopy.com, click the assignment, and at the bottom click the link “Push incomplete scores to LMS”.


Unable to add FactOpy Test to my LMS

Please send me screenshots of your LMS and any error messages. I’ll check my error logs to see if it’s something I can resolve on my end.

Some/all scores not received by LMS

In factopy.com login and click the test, and scroll to the bottom to read the status message.

Click “Push incomplete scores to LMS” if you want all scores even if not finished/turned in. (This is not automatic.)

If there were any network errors before, that screen automatically retries to send the scores, and it shows the status/error at the bottom of this screen.

Edit the test and make sure it is set to “LMS access only”. If it was set to “Allow direct link”, students may have accessed it in a way that does not link back to your LMS. This cannot be fixed retroactively, so you must enter their scores manually.

Student did test but they have no score

Students must access factopy.com through your LMS. If they go directly to factopy.com and click “Start Test”, that is self-practice, not reported to you or your LMS.

Students have to start over if they come back

FactOpy.com requires cookies for it to remember student progress. It works without cookies, but they must start over each time they enter.


Contact Me for other issues. (LTI is touchy, so each LMS might require some hammering.)